First Days….and new beginnings…..

Today Nat and Wyatt started school…I was alot sad yesterday but today I am happy to start the new school year…!! this summer flew by the kids had a blast very busy and growing up !!! Wyatt was gone for two weeks to Oregon and Nat went to 4-H camp for the first time, Went to Yosemite and also stayed for a week in Santa Rosa…And then we ended the summer with a week at the fair.. !!

This morning brandon and i took them school..Wyatt was so happy to be back for he is the social bug and Nat well she was ok !!! She is a book worm !! And me and Morgan drove home just to peace for a little bit and to new beginnnings for me..

I am thankful to new beginnnings to let old habits and people wither away..And relizations that life is too short !! And to learn from my mistakes and embrace what I have !!!

Lets get it done…my new motto..!!




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2 responses to “First Days….and new beginnings…..

  1. YEAH FOR NEW BLOG POST :) Im so behind & overwhelmed on my blog lol. these are beautiful pictures of their 1st day looks like they are in a forest i love em! Nat you are so stylish and Wyatt oh so handsome! BEST DRESSED :) & Amen to LETS GET IT DONE! ;) xoxo!

  2. & tell Nat Ill trade her hals backpack for this DARLING BAG!!! ;)

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