16 months of her. and i tired. i am never tired of her she is just piss n vinegar for 16 months and not slowing down. its wierd though because when i look at her she is changing everyday and her faces is looking so mature to me. like she is growing up too fast. brandon calls her niki j….which is nicole junior. she is full of life. full of love. just full of everything. she has my heart even though she is so high maintenance i am like eeekkkk !!! she is a dancer, a reader, a lover, a busybody, a nosy rosy, a pet lover, a swimmer, a talker, a smiler, a seeker of adventure. she is all those wonderful things and more.. there is no doubt in my life she is going to venture the world and not listen to one thing me or her daddy has to say. she is the driving of the brother and sister crazy…she loves to be in the business esp of nat to drive her crazy !!! she is beauty !! i loves her more than my own life..i feel like her biggest protector…from the moment she wakes until she is put in her bed it doesnt stop… everything is in lock down mode…!! and these flashes these moments are short lived i often reflect and in my head document these things because they are soon forgotten because life is every changing. nothing stays the same. and for reason of growth and just life period. and i am thankful. for the mountains and valleys. ups and downs. for they have given me character and strength and emotion of life that reminds me life is short…love the ones you love with all you have.. tell them everyday how much you love them..hug them..tell them how special they are because life really beats you down easy and those words of positive and love will remind them that its all going to be ok. life is life but it is the flashes of words that will make them remember who they are…how strong they are… i give it to my children everyday..i tell them i love them all the time..i hug them…i laugh with them… and i humble them with life…i am the preparer of their world…i try my best…thats all i can do…is try my best….!!!




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2 responses to “flashes

  1. flashes & LASHES! LOVE them lashes! she is precious! xoxo

  2. ErinMarron

    love this blog and this pic! you’re amazing

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