happy birthday wyatt

No matter what happens in life my kids birthday will be special !!! that is my motto… and because its the 4th is no exception !!  its wyatts 8th birthday but in my mind he will always be 5 years old..last year we went to Biggs for the 4th parade and thought that will be our own tradition…So we went this year and it was better than last…Wyatt got a birthday omlette we all got ready and drove over there set up and relaxed watched the parade !!!


Morgan was better than I expected she sat there and watched the whole parade which was a surprise !!! We walked over to the eating area got our food and relaxed looked around and went home to relax !! I asked Wyatt what do you want to do ? he said relax which was like is that my kid !! he is a busy boy but we have been busy with everything lately so I was happy with that….The day before i asked him what kind of cake do you want for your birthday he said “CarrotCake” I was like what ???? I have neve made carrotcake before so I was like if is didnt turn out we’ll just go buy one….But it was wonderful..i had made it the day before so we sang happy birthday to him while he was swimming int he pool because we werent going to make it another day starring at us !! so he ate cake in the pool and he was happy !!Then we went to Biggs for fireworks my kids never seen the big fireworks and they loved it !! it was a great day..i love you son happbirthday you’ll always be 5 in my eyes !!!


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  1. ErinMarron

    that carrot cake looks delicious!

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