a mamas boy

Wyatt is turning eight in a couple weeks. It is so hard for me all my kids are growing up on my and I cant stop it. It makes me sad inside. And I watch them prepare them and hope and prey that it will all work out. What else can I do? Wyatt is definetely is a mamas boy. He always tries to make me happy. He is definetely a special little young man. He is handsome of course, loving, responsible, courageous and level headed. He is witty !! I am just proud of him everything that he does I am just proud. !!

                                                                        This is part one we got short the other night so we didnt get to finish our photoshoot !!


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  1. He is the sweetest boy I know! Always the first to give me a hug, I love him! I remember holding him up camping when we was new new, he was so soft and cuddly. You are so lucky to have your Wyatt :) xoxo

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