my morgziiiiis !!!!


I often look back at pictures and they bring back a moment in time I often forget because life is changing so fast…But things about this child are very vivid !! She is definetely one of a kind….

15 months old….24 pounds…..

1. loves eggs i would say that is her favorite food to eat…always first in the morning.

2.she loves animals…doesnt matter what it is she loves them and wants to hug them.

3. she has lately been a night own and sleppy in lately.

4.she doesnt watch much tv but she will for a couple minutes watch sesame street.

5.she is dancer a jigger a mover…it doesnt matter what is going on she will stop and start dancing.

6.she has two favorite blankets she has to have them to go to bed at night.

7. she loves outside.

8. she is a jibber jabber..who knows what she is saying but when i start getting riled up she is up there yelling also.

9. she loves her bubbbas !!!

10. she is the biggest messiest make i will ever know.

11. she has this smile that like no other, in the morning when she wakes up it makes my day a little happier.

12. her hair is finally growing and it is lightning up.

13. she thinks she is bigger than she really is..she is often in the mix of the kids thinking look down at me i will tell you how it goes.

14. she has the daddy wrapped around her little finger.

15. she is a special little girl.

16. i am blessed !!!!!


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One response to “my morgziiiiis !!!!

  1. this is the CUTEST pic! enter this in the fair! they Love animals with the kids! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! Morgie def is a special one of a kind precious lil girl! She was cracking me up on sunday! I love her expressions and attitude, and you are right she totally thinks she is boss girl I LOVE IT!!!! xoxo & YES you are TRULY BLESSED MAMA!!!

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