Friday Randomness….

 Shes Back !! From Camp. I went and picked her up yesterday and she had the time of her life she says. She didnt want to leave and come home..She walked out and said, ” Mom can I go back next year?” I told her I missed her she didnt say anything !! But I know she missed me !! It’s nice to have her back I like when all my chicks are in the nest. Here is the pictures I got..She had a blast hiked to the damn…campfire songs……crafts…the dance…a very maturing expierence…

                                                                                                                            She got pretties eyes in her group…!!!!

                                                                                                             That was her name badge she was in the red group….

                                                  And she made alot of stuff but I am so proud of this mouse she painted…and named it Jerry !!!

While she was gone we had set the pool up on Saturday and was swimming the heat has just came upon us….So Me and Wyatt swam Morgan doesnt really like the pool yet..But I got her a photoshoot of her swimming suit her Aunt Erin got her….

                                                                                                                               This is her usual pussface look !!!

And collecting the eggs everyday is the highlight of her day…And visiting the chickens in the morning makes her happy…Then watering my flourishing garden !!!!

                                                       Buds on my tomatoes !! I am excited to get some homegrown tomatoes  !! They are divine !!!

                                                                                                                          Until next time….Dont forget to enjoy the view !!!!



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One response to “Friday Randomness….

  1. ErinMarron

    WoooWeee! Morgan is lookin a little to sexy for a 1 year old to be wearing THAT swimsuit!!! LOL

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