my mother.

                                                                                                               I know its Fathers Day but I wanted to do this post.

When I think of my mother I think of Donuts and she will never ever come to my house without being a dozen donuts and that to Wyatt is heaven !!



She is the best mother. She is kind warm caring and would do anything for me and my childrens. She is a consoller when times are tough. And she is tougher than nails been through a lot and has taught me to never take crap off anyone I think though that is what gets me in trouble. I would do anything for her. Trully. She is creative talented and pushes me to be the same. She is my safe place when the world has not been. I love her.

And she is starting her own new adventure she and my dad bought a house in Loma Rica. I am very happy for them especially my Dad because he has all his life worked so hard to support our family love us and go without and never ever complained about it one time.

                                                                                                                                     I am happy for them !!!



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2 responses to “my mother.

  1. Happy for your mama! & for you! How awesome she is going to live closer! that is the best! Love how nat loves that bear she is holding its the new fad in all her pic she CRACKS me up! xoxo

  2. ErinMarron

    she’s the fuckin best!
    am I gonna be seeing you this weekend for the big move?

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