Prather Garden 2011



Garden Therapy for me !! This year the Prather Garden will be the biggest we have ever had and alot more work !! We planted like three weeks ago and I have added since these first day pictures. We have 12 tomatoe plants, a watermelon, three rows of corn and a row of sunflowers, carrots, sweet peas, cucumbers and we are going to plant pumpkins a couple weeks. To much to handle. Brandon alwasy says Nicole’s garden is like a puppy for a couple weeks we are happy then I get bored. But I am to proove him wrong. Actually with Morgan it has gave me something to do when I am outside with her. I am ready for some garden tomatoes. Garden vegetables are way better tasting and so much better for you because you know what is going in them they are not pumped with pesticides and other chemicals to rush them to mature. Will post some more pictures my Gardenia has already grown a whole bunch in these weeks.

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  1. GO BIG OR GO HOME LOL!!! We did our first HUGE garden last year and everyone made fun of us, but i say the more the better :) Garden is def fun and relaxing it must be a mama thing :) If ours doesn’t do as good as last year we are coming to eat all of your tomatoes :) xoxo we did pumpkins too hope they work!

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