4-H Camp.


On Sunday my baby went to her first camp !! I didnt cry as bad as I thought as I would. She is growing up on me. I have such mixed emotions about it I am happy because I am so proud of the young women she is becoming but on the other hand sad because she is 11 and I am wondering how time has flown by this fast. She has wanted to go camp for the last two years but I just wasnt ready to let go. But this year I was like ok I must let her fly. She was so happy !! She was like I am going to camp at least a hundred times !!! These were the pictures of when we dropped her off and the last one was they have a super hero night were they dress up like their super hero or make up one. Well my mom made her this one up “PP” Pink Power…!! She loved it and tonight they were having the contest of the best costume…She is in my thoughts and preying for her to have so much fun which I know she will and is !!! I love her and am so proud of her….When we left she gave me the best longest hug she has ever gave me and told me she loved me and gave me a kiss…I will never forget….


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  1. so cute! I had thought she went last week. Love this post! how fun Nat you are such a cute Prather Pink Power girl :) xoxo love you! HAVE FUN @ CAMP! Cant wait to come see you @ fair this year! xoxo

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