I saw this picture on a blog and barrowed it !! But when I look at this picture it really brings me back to my half marathon I ran which was in October 2010. I would say that was one of the hardest things I ever did, but quite honestly it wasnt. Life is the hardest things I live sometimes !! And I always think in my head Lord when it rains, it pours !! Its no secret at least to the ones that know me that life has been difficult. I think it all really started when Morgan came and it hasnt let up since then. I would change her for the world but she is a real ball buster !! Managing our lifes together as one. And so much of our lifes have changed for everyone in this Prather household. Morgan was born, three kids that is overload !!! Two were pieces of cake some may say its because we have only two hands but I am not sure about that. And Brandon got a promotion at his work. Thankful for that but it has been the biggest adjustment of our lifes. He has worked the last 13 years of his life out of a van working 50-60 hour weeks gone. And then February hit and then he is home 75 percent of the time. Mama needs Mama time !!! I wouldnt ever think I am a selfish person one who can handle alot but these past months have been a real struggle for me. On top of that trying to start a small photog business and run a little Etsy on the side. And juggling all the other extra curricular activities is a juggle. And it has been slowly wearing me down. And some other things that are to personal to talk about it. But I have been struggling with severe anxiety. And learning to cope with that has been really hard because I can beat it. I will I will I will. There is nothing that this mama cant conquer I was born a fighter !! I really rely on Jesus for moral support for everything. And KLove is the only thing I listen to in the car. And there are moments when I feel his prescence. And that is awesome for me. Because I know I am not alone in this battle. I will never give up and I will keep on trucking. And all this shall to pass. I believe in Gods whispers but we must remain silent to hear them and that is my biggest problem is stopping to listen to him. But I pray each morning God give me the peace in my heart to make it through the day. And learning to know when to say “No”. I can not do everything. My kids are my number one priority in life always will be. There are my life and trully my laughter !! I love them and am so very thankful for them everyday because they are forgiving loving and caring. They are so very special to me !! Life has many changes and changes are hard for me I am a person of I know what I do, I do what I know !! and love it that way. but nothing stays the same forever.


I love love this song !! Enjoy !!

The spark, the hope I live for it and know no matter the struggle it will always be ok !!!






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  1. LOVE YOU, and hope you know i am hear for you if you ever need anything let me know! xoxo!!! & I LOVE this song too! Enjoy your weekend Prathers :)

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