proudful. { i dont know if that’s a word ?}

 Proudful !! Wyatts first real baseball practice was on St. Pattys Day !! He was so excited all day long he could barely get his homework done !! We had missed the first practice because Morgans Birthday so this was our first time meeting everyone and Wyatt was nervous about that. So it was Wyatts first time to bat and he is if not the smallest one on his team so the coach starts pitching to him and Wyatt is hitting every single one of them !! The coach is like, “Hey Boy your pretty good.” And Wyatt is just still hitting them !! I yelled, “Wyatt smack that ball.” trying not to emabarass him !! And then he pounds it out there !!!  Thats my boy !! Proudful of him. I love him and when I see him playing baseball it just makes me happy inside knowing how talented he is and who knows what will happen ?? But no matter what, it trully brings me one of the greatest joys watching him play !!!


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