5 stressed-out lovelys in february

i think this picture trully depicks our lifes right now..february trully has one of the hardest months in my life !! never let them see you sweat would be my life sentence right now. we found out that brandon got the job waiting to hear that news really caused much anxiety in my life..and then knowing he would be going to vegas for four days..morgan has been a complete busy girl i feel no alone time unless she is sleeping the days are very long and nothing really gets done. i feel very unproductive right now. the crazyness of our life. when it is going to end. i dont know. wyatt tried out for baseball and that will be an added element of how do i juggle it all. i am only one person. and i have been running the committee for our local 4-h fashion show. that has been a real stress for me. taking on that has been a real challenge alot of changes i have made and people are not liking the new sheriff in town. but at the end of april it will be over and thank god for that one. and birdy on the 21st had her puppies…10 babies !!! oooh my goodness oooh my goodness…i can only imagine in a couple of weeks the chaos of managing 13 dogs is going to be..i am totally dreading this !! ( can you tell this should have been titled nicole prathers bitch session) that is what i am doing right now. it is hard doing it all !! i try my hardest !!! the highlights was we got a new bed after 13 years and the kids got bunkbeds and they are super happy about that…brandon has been wanting a bed life forever…and the kids have wanted bunkbeds..wyatt likes hanging with nat. ooh yeah and on top of that i am trying to plan a first birthday party for morgan..i have been a little hesitant because with all this chaos it is hard to focus…birthday bring such emotion to me …i cry at all of them…and with morgan i think where has the time gone to ..she doesnt feel one year old…she is just a baby..my baby pumpky !!! with all my anxiety i have prayed more in this month and have felt very close to God like no other…a peace i seek…. i must focus on the positives in life…!! always……until next time !!



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2 responses to “5 stressed-out lovelys in february

  1. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH NICOLE PRATHER!!!!!!! BREATHEEEEEEEEE. You dont give yourself enough credit! you are one of the best moma’s and your children, husband, dogs, puppies, chickens, sisters, mother, father, in laws. LOVE YOUUUUUU!!! Like you say embrace it, live as if tomorrow was your last. We really have the BEST job! & your children will look back on their mama and know they had the best mama! You are their rock, the one that makes sure they have it ALL!!! cheer up buttercup! These are the days of our lives :) xoxoxo

  2. love the faces! brandon needs a good pinch, nat is your twin, wyatt is oooooooooo such a DOLL!!! and the dog wants to eat morgan! & you all look fresh out of the bath tub ;)

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