nascar sunday.

The Daytona 500 was on Sunday which kicks off Nascar..My son loves Nascar more than Brandon does..But on Super Bowl Sunday Brandon invited my sister and her husband up for the occassion of nascar and some BBQ Chicken !!!   My husband is a very good cook actually he is the best ( not that I am biased). We had Chicken which is the bomb, these potatoes we have been having the last two months are devine and some beans…It was delicious !! And I got to visit with my mama and my sister, which was nice…Life gets to busy you need to stop and relax and always remember what the most important things are which is family…And Wyatt got to see his favorite Mizzle…Mike is Wyatts best buddy and Mike always plays with him, football, Wii, Soccer, Swimming, whatever…And that makes me feel happy to see Wyatt having such a great role model Mike is a very special person..I trust him with my kids…Which for me is alot because there is not many people I trust with my kids !! love ya mike…!!

Everyday photos are my favorite to look at, because it is the real..Not the done up portraits I do. The realness of life is what I will remember when I am old and reflecting on the journey !!

Hope your day is bright !!


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