1. I dont think this sign really depicts me and this point right now..i am far from love !!

2. Morning are really rough for me..I have to tell my kids to get dressed a million times and it really gets old.

3. Cant wait for Brandon to get into his new job. That will be in a couple weeks and change for me is hard.

4. Tension in the house for he needs to a whole now wardrobe. and seeing him looking business attire ?

5. My last born well she is a busy girl and it is hard to even relax when she is awake.

6. I am addicted to “House Wifes” doesnt matter which ones it is I watch them all !!

7. My Birdy is due new week and that is on my mind hoping and preying it all goes good.

8.I am a cleaning benge lately feeling bored.

9. I have started a new exercise and diet thingy hoping that will help with how I feel not so hot.

10. My little girl is going to be 1 next month :(

11.I have been preying alot lately. Guidance from the Lord is much needed.

12. Knowing this will all pass.

13. Cant wait for sunshine !!!!






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