love hate relationship….

Morgan and Oliver Buckets have a wierd relationship to say the least. She loves to chase him he doesnt like it very much. He could be dead asleep and then he hears her coming and jets as fast as he can go !! But the other day they both like to sit at the window staring at the rain coming down..and then my honry daughter decided she was going to take his favorite bed !!! And then this happened !!

Needless to was quit funny !! She was laughing so hard she is such my wild child she is full of piss and vinegary to say the least…And has a sense of humor already at eleven months old !!! I was cleaning the floor wiping up something and she bumped into me with her walker and started laughing !!


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  1. Nicole she is your clone! Look at her standing up! love your post this put smile on my face its been a LONG DAY!!! xoxo

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