valentines 2011


 Usually we go to Brandon’s moms house for Valentines Day it is tradition !! But this year we didnt go because Nat had the stomach flu and I didnt want to take my chances and get other sick so we stayed home. I likeValentines day, I am all about the love. This year I wanted to get the kids something memorable. They have everything so what do you get them that I wont throw away !! So I was walking around Walmart thinking what would I get them? And walked to the garden department and thought you know what I am going to get them flowers..That wont get trashed and they will be a forever memory. So I looked through all the packets and picked out each flower that would do me when I looked at them would remind me of them.  And then make little cards, “To my first Born” “My last born” and “My only son” !! Works out perfect. So when Brandon came home we sat down and they read each of their cards and they loved the flowers. And then Brandon read his, And then I played the song that I heard on Klove. Then ate homemade pizzas. And watched the movie, ” Life as We know it” and it was adorable !! That ended our 2011 Valentines !! It was nice just us !!


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  1. love this! very sweet and def something for them to always remember! We missed you guys @ the party, hope nat is feeling better :) love me!

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