daddy is bringing home the big bacon.

I think that your face says it all ! On Friday February 11th 2011 you got the good word that you got the job you applied for and are the “FSM for Norther California” !! A long time waiting for 13 years you would say !! So much change for us.You have been married to  this Coke Van for the last Nine Years..!! And now your trading that in for a company vehicle and more time home !! I am so proud of you..and on Friday night we had a dinner to celebrate this..Emotional wreck waiting for the last two weeks is what I have been…and hearing the news just brought emotion like no other..i have spent 98 % dinners without you..and 90% kids activites without you ..and no more of that !! I am proud of everything you have accomplished and are going to do !! There is nothing you cant do if you put your mind to it !! And I know everything you do is for us. so in the back of my mind i try not to get upset when you are gone working…i love you !!


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  1. this is awesome! Tell Brandon Congrats from us!!! YEAH for more family time :) xoxo

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