1. I repainted this chair it was blue but never used it got it a garage sale for $2..so i decided I painted in yellow..i love yellow almost as much as i love green..Which is wierd for me because all the times when i was growing up my grandma had alwasys telling me one day I want to live in a yellow house..and i would think how ugly..but now i see this house in sutter and think what a cute beautiful house i could possibly own a yellow house one day..

2. Nat had her first real presentation this week called, ” Pose Your Bird”. She got a blue but really deserved a gold. She did so good..I am so very proud of her..And I told her that right before she did her presentation at home…as i was tearing up…:(

3. Wyatt has his very first Baseball Tryout this morning ..I was so freaking nervous !! He did really good..He is growing up on me…He is right now obsessed with UnderArmor clothing..and tries to wear his shirt everyday..under his shirt he wears…i think he thinks it cool !!

4. Well my husband might have got his job he applied for ?? Which will be a big change for our household !! He will be home more which will be a big change for us because he has been doing this life for 14 years now…and driving a Coke Van and wearing a Coke uniform everyday has been life for us…And change for me is really hard..but i am so thankful..he will be managing all Northern California Coke Technicians….Which is a big deal !! I am so proud of him..he just will never know…

5. My photog business is picking up and am so thankful for that..Kind of presssure but I will manage got to ride this pony out…And I love it..!!

6. Morgie is into laughing thing where she imitates me when I laugh !! And it sounds really sarcastic..!! But it is super cute !!

7. My last duaghter is going to be ONE years old next month !!  :( That is on my mind what to do, what theme, where, and all the junk !!

8. I havent felt too hot this week…Just uptight eating like crap and dont like it…Trying to drink lots of water to help the not feeling so good !!

9. Happiness I seek it..and try to stay away from the negativity of life !! Because I believe it real life sucker..!!

10. Thankful for health..!!

11. Duck season 2010-2011 ending last week ..Thank you Lord … Its nice to see my husband slaying ducks but I miss having him for weekends..!!

12. I had some mama alone time today SHOPPING !! it was so nice..i cant remember the last time I was out all by myself shopping..i went around everywhere..and found some hot deals !!! I am so excited !!!

13. My son was Januarys Student of the Month !!

14. And this quote, ” Love is just love, It can never be Explained.” Isnt that the truth..It is what makes the world go round..It makes sane people crazy..it changes your heart forever..it makes you believe anything is possible..it makes you happy…And brings some tears a time or two..it is unconditional..it is unpredictable..it…it is  a road of ups and downs..it is happiness at its finest..it is raw !! pure emotion..you cant put your finger on it..because it is trully unexplainable..!!

15. Tell the people you love the most in this world you love them..Forgive them because you want to be forgiven..We are not perfect by any means and reality can be a real you know what…!!

16. And lastly I heard this on tv from the “Real Housewifes of Atlanta”..I think everyone has a right to be happy You owe it to yourself to do what makes you happy..You owe it to yourself to live your life..And those words really have peirced my life the last week…because when me and my husband got together alot of things happend….But in the end the words that w0uld best describe it how I felt but couldnt put words to it.. Was I owed it to myself to try and make it work I owed it to me to make me happy and forget about what others wanted  for me… I owed it to my Nat to make it work..!!! And I will never ever regret it..because it has brought me the most truest rawest love I will ever know..Totally unconditional love from three little blessed babies..that love me even when i believe i am unlovable..and to a man that gives me all…and has loved me when i was trully unlovable..!!!

17.. I am just an emotional roller coaster of emotion filled with PMS as you can see !! And these emotions for me are me in the finest moments i will never regret them !!! Because it is how I feel !!

18. And as always, “Its been the pleasure of my life” !!



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2 responses to “Randomness..

  1. very nice Nicole! You have come so far, and I think you are a better person! Not that you were ever a bad person, like you said we all have our moments and no one is perfect! Love reading your blog and all of your words! you are a great person and VERY lovable! So happy to have got to know you more, and have a relationship with you! xoxo keep up with your Blogging and Photography you are doing GREAT!!!

  2. and as always Morgie you are a DOLL!!! love the chair too!

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