saturday {fun times.}

We have been planning going to this chicken show down in Stockton for like months !! We wanted to see all the different breeds of chickens we know we would have seen other wise..So we headed down there on Saturday morning and within a couple minutes my nat and wyatt were new proud owners of these :

A couple of call ducks !! What am I thinking at times !! But the kids were so excited…My brother had call ducks growing up and would show then and that is what Nat plans on doing !! So then we headed to all the other building and go to see hundreds of birds they are amazing !!

We were there for a couple hours and then decided to go see my sister..It was wierd because we saw eachother a couple of weeks ago but it seemed like forever…I miss her very much it sometimes seems like we are lightyears away !! But I never would have guessed what was going to happen next !! Well she has a work out room where she as her workout stuff of course and her stripper pole “aka monkey pole” Wyatt calls it !! So we all went in there for some agression getter outer !! This has never happenes before : A match between me and my loverpants !!

Wyatt getting ready for us !! This wall is a dedication to Love of the Packers and the love of Working out !!

                           “This was our title belt up for grabs “Nicole Prather vs. Brandon Prather” look at our faces :)”

Serious business if anyone know me and Brandon we are highly competive I was actually scared because I hate getting hurt !! And it ended with this :

                                                 A knock out from Brandon I was put to the floor he hit me hard in the leg !!

Then after all the aggression was out my sister pulled some tricks out of her bag with her pole..This is also serious buisness !! But right before that happend I got this :

                                                                                                             i love her

So the pole entertainment…

                                                                                                          She is talented !!!

It was fun fun !! i love hanging with my sisters and my mama !! Its nice to get away from it all and just visit with the people i love most in this world and are thankful for them !!

But it was funny because when we were driving home we were talking about Erin and pole and Nat says I will never do that my Aunt she is just a party girl !! She always says that about Erin !!



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4 responses to “saturday {fun times.}

  1. ErinMarron

    Deep, deep, DEEP down inside, I know that Natalie has a party girl in her ;)
    Thanks for putting up decent pictures of me, I like to make those constipated faces while I do my business!!
    Love you!

  2. how cute on the ducks! I bet brandon was def ok with that purchase. Hope he doesnt get board and try to hunt them ducks lol!!! & go Erin!!! You are TALENTED!! I tried the pole with my Friend Nat and I woke up the next day looking like I was beat by my husband! LOL And OH MY GOODNESS on the knock out Nicole!!! BEST PIC EVER!!! CANT STOP LAUGHING!!! too much fun Prather family LOL!!!

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