Five lovelys in January.

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great idea: take a picture at the end of each month !!

So January has ended for us. In some ways it felt short but then long if that makes sense.

For Brandon it was the ending month for ducks and at the end i am thankful to have my lovers back and back to the routines of life with him..he is a stress-ball…But I have noticed with more stress comes a new leaf for myself to try to help embrace this a be his biggest supporter which i am ..He has applied for a big promotion and in a couple weeks will see what will happen. Work is a big thing for him…But he loves his family.

For me where do I begin well January for me is about resolutions well i really didnt make any… I am slowly starting to work out again and get back to the routine which is hard. I have launched a new begining with my photography busines and it is going good..i am vey happy and content on the direction I am headed !! For me my kids are number one and the balancing really takes a tole between it all but i am bound and determined and very stubborn so i know it will happen !! Laundry and dishes are a constant in my life !!

For Nat I am slowly watching her mature..She is a great student and smart smart !! that girl has to many facts..That is where alot of her time goes homework..She is also busy with Oliver he is like having a baby as she would say..She still cant keep her room clean but that is ok..We are a work in progress !! She is witty and Morgan drives her crazy with trying to get into the dog bowl..She is full of emotion but never lets you see it to the end then she is like a fountain..I love her and watching her grow into a young lady is hard at times for me..

For Wyatt well as always busy boy ! He is not to keen about school..He is very social and just waiting for summer to come !! He is starting baseball in a couple of weeks and is so excited about it. He loves builing legos and he is the best son ever..He is a lover and needs one on one time with me. He is a creator and loves to spend time with Brandon.

And Morgie. She is a busy bee..standing up and looking around she scares me. She is very smart and likes to get into everything. She loves her food for sure..and if you have something well she wants a bite!! She doesn not need a lot of sleep during the day and can get a  instant charge up. She always has a bath at the same time everyday and that has always been a que for beddy bye time !!! She is a handful for sure !!

This will end January and really thank god !! A lot of things for me has ended at I am happy about that..This year for me will bring financial stability and becoming aware of what really is the most important and the values I am teaching my children. My marriage is stronger than ever..I am happy the direction life is going for us..And I am blessed for it all !!!!!



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2 responses to “Five lovelys in January.

  1. Love the 5 lovelys in Jan :) xoxo

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