your destiny.

Your destiny..some may have their own views as for my i believe whatever happens in your life that was your destiny.. My husband has worked at a technician since he was 19 years old..He has changed company going from Pepsi to Coca-Cola. Though he calls it slave-labor, he has alwasy known that he wanted to be more. He became a lead technician two years ago. and has been a supervisor over 12 men being the youngest. He definitely has had his share. He does his job with all that he has everyday 100%…And his goal has always been to become a Field Service Manager.. Well last week he was told there was a spot opening and to apply. So he did and his interview was on Tuesday..boy you talk about nerves the interview was to last 40 minutes and lasted 2 1/2 hours…he really isnt sure whats to going to happen..there was alot that applied and he is the youngest there..but i dont think that it matters!! I know that no matter what happens if its not now it is going to happen !! i have faith in him and believe in more than anyone !! When he left that morning i sent him this message:

i love you.

you are my bestie.

i am so proud of you.

everything we have is because you have worked your butt off.

jesus loves you.. he has never left you.

your a prather and prathers never ever give up.

you are and will always be the most handsomest man i will ever know.

now show em what you are made of..

the love of your life..

That was one of the longest days of my life !! But it ende with watching the Secretariat and taking this picture of knowing that know matter what we will be ok because we have eachother !!

and knowing this was and is and always will be my destiny…


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  1. love this post! we are lucky to have them hard working Prather boys! They get their awesome work ethic from their daddy! Wish Brandon the best of luck! Like you said if it doesnt happen now it will soon enough! xoxo wishing the best from one Prather family to another :)

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