my boy.

So many thoughts and words come to my mind when I think about you. You and I are alot alike. It scares me. Busy boy to say the least. But you definelty need mama time. I would say its because you are the middle child but this was going on way before Morgan was thought off !! I think is it because you are a boy or maybe because you are your fathers son. Who knows ? But I love you more than you will ever know..You have a special place in my heart that noone will ever have. My only boy. You are my buddy my helper. Whatever it is you are there. You help wrangle your sisters. You tell Natalie what to do because I have already told her ten times. You keep Morgan busy when I need to go stuff done. And your little meltdowns are just signs of I need my time with you mom because you are busy with everything. And that is where my realities stick in. There is nothing more important than you and your sisters:) Life can be busy but at the end of the day I know what is and alwasy be the most important job of my life. Raising you to be the best person you can be. You are the first person to hold me accountable for my words. Though sometimes hard but I do it. I alwasy make it happen. And I want you to alwasy know, ” You are your words”. And that hair at the age of 7 is defining you. “Shaggy is the name” Your curls are beautiful. You are the second handsomest man I will ever know. You are caring, smart, funny, witty, nuturing, and get it. You get alot of things in life that most will never ever know. You no matter what you will be in life will be the best at it. And right now a race car driver is the number one on your list. And in a couple weeks baseball will start and you are so excited. I am excited for you to smack that ball !! I love you my son always !!

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