Right now I am at a time in my life where things are changing I am watching my kids change !! They are growing up. Nothing ever stays the same. I am a control freak so lets just say it is hard for me. And I always take a back seat to my husband. Though some my differ my job is solely to take care of our children and our house. And I do it with honor. But always in the back of my mind “Success” is always there. I think that is why when I was younger maybe why I didnt want to get married or fear of never finding the right person. Because I wanted to be something for myself. And it has never left me. But being a mother is the greatest job I will ever have. They are my everything. We are a package where I am you will see my kids. But the matter of fact is I am getting older and have alwasy striffed for more. I love staying home but making some money while staying home would be a bonus for me. I watch my husband and his success and I want  a little of that for my ownself. And for me it has been hard a couple of months ago I started making hair things at heart  I am a creator !! I get it from my mama..She is a crafty women. I have had little success from that..Slowly and surely I see it happening but in my heart I have alwasy believed your passion and dreams come from the man above…About a month ago we went up to my husbands family property..and those drives for us have alwasy been heart to hearts about current things going on in our lives.. But that one for me will alwasy stick out…His words always no matter what he says stick in my brain like gum… And it gave me courage to seek my indeavors no matter the consequences and when I came home I felt like I have to hit this hard I have to try to make this photography thing work out because that trully is what my success is in my heart.. I feel really good about it… I do. I try my hardest and will have no regrets because thats me…So I am happy to say I have gotten sessions booked and more to come !! But Saturday was my first reality and I was so nervous there was alot of stuff has been going on for me…and then my husband hit me with some stuff on Friday that if it happens will be a big change for our family as far as work is concerned..And then some unexpected house guests I am like ok can this get more hectic..No !!! And then the wind picked up I am thinking God Seriously !! So when I left I felt like my head was all in a twitter…

This was the picture I took as I was in the truck !! my loverpants and morgie in the window!! Telling me just relax !! And honestly when I look back and remember this day I will remember nothing but this picture of vision in my head !! My husband I love him long time..He is my bestie!! So I got there and dealt with the elements and I feel like this has been my best work to date !!!

These are just two..I have alot more !! Just these are my favorites !! But after I came home and saw what I got I was so happy…!! I felt like I am here..All the strife and anxiety ..I am ok..!! And has given me what I needed to keep going not just with this but other things in my life that I am dealing with !! I am thankful for alot of things … Mountains and Valleys Baby !! But honestly no matter my honryness Jesus is alwasy in my heart and never forget where I have been or where I am going !!

~Make it happen~

Until next time !! Well its Monday and Hoping and Preying its going to be good !! I know that no matter what everything happens for a reason !!



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