Bye Felicia !!!


OOh my Goodness OOH my Goodness !!! This girl she is the busiest girl I have ever known !! She is into everything…It used to be when she was in the walker she was into it all but that doesnt stop her anymore she is a fast crawling machine !! I am like where did she go??? From the minute she wakes up to the minute she lays her little sleepy sleepy head on the pillow she is busypants girl !! I am doing the dishes she is up in there. Yesterday I needed a bath I told the kids please watch her Five minutes later she crawled in there and pulled up “MAMAMAMA” over again..I am like can  get a break she literally wears me out !!! I am not bias but she is definitely smart she says : mama dada bubba hi waves hi wuff wuff…And she is a dancing queen when any music comes on she starts moving around putting her hands up in the air i am thinking is she fist pumping or what !! she loves food and if the frig gets open she is there !! and she loves books !! and especially ones you can feel with your fingers !! she loves her baths everyday faithful i think it gives her the que hey bathtime sleepytime !! her laugh is contagious and melts the day away and alwasy come to realize what and is the most important to me.. i never ever want to forget these moments they are passing bye quickly…and then Bye Felicia!!


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