Randomness. {Top 20 for Nicole Prather}

1. Strive to be better. No matter what it is in life I know what I have I can try harder.

2. Schedules are my life. My mojo is thrown off when either my kids are sick or we have a random holiday in the mix.

3. My son had to go to the dentist yesterday unexpectedely I hate the dentist I try to stay calm for them but it is hard. But we made it through !

4. Times are hard right now. But I still stay positive in my heart.

5. Resolutions I only made one for this year..The others, have and will always stay in my heart and carry over from prior years !!

6. I need to get back to working out not for just my weight but my sanity. Working out is such an anxiety release for myself.

7. Aahahh moments have been happening alot lately. Like Nicole you need to realize life is not forever remember what and always will be the most important things.

8. Jesus will always be in my heart. He never strays. And no matter the strife right now I feel like He is always here teaching me lessons that maybe this hard head will get through.

9. My kids are just special. They are all different but the same. Their hearts are all the same. They are just heaven sent. I dont know how I got so lucky.

10. My husband is my rock.

11. Life is just what you make it.

12. There is no crying in baseball. (Erika Pate I love You.)

13. Getting to the basics in life. No what and will always remain. When all else has left. What will I be left with ?? That is always in my heart and in my mind.

14. Tell the people that you love that you love them. Forgive them or go on with your life. Dont put them or you through the misery. Like they say misery loves company. Well it does.

15. Keep your head high. There is only one of you. There is no one like you. Your dreams they are yours and yours only, put there by God, and never ever feel defeated if at first you dont succeed try try again.

16. Thankful for Laughter and all that intails in life !!!

17. Say what you mean !!

18. Dont be afraid to be who you are !!

19. For me Clean House Clean Mind.

20. Love. it trully is what keeps the world going around.



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2 responses to “Randomness. {Top 20 for Nicole Prather}

  1. Oh i love the new bright colors!!! you have not been linking i stopped by and NEW NEW NEW :) love the top 20 nic nack patty whack ;)

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