For the Love of….Ducks !!

                               (Brandon , Wyatt, Robert and One Blue-Winged Teal)

I dont know what year this true obsession started It has honestly felt like Forever !! My husband has been a hunter all his life since he was 12 years old…And when he got introduced to duck hunting the Love of hunting had become an obsession. It only last for about 3 1/2 months but his thinking of the ducks lasts all year long !! He is thinking of new ways he is going to set up, what ammo he is going to try. What new gear he is going to purchase…All the time !! And Wyatt well he has no option he has to love hunting or else?? is how I feel…He is only seven and has been out since he was five years old. And Brandon has been counting down the years until he can get his hunters safety and blow them ducks up son !!! It is funny to watch them both because Wyatt loves his dad like no other and wants to make him happy !! Sometimes Brandon feels like does my son like this because he has to ?? I feel it is a little of both because he has really got to shoot something up but i know when he does his whole outlook will change definitely and i will then have Two Obsessed Boys in my hands !! He is now trying to recruit Morgan all ready !!! Well I look at it in so many ways there are definitely worse things in his life he can be doing ?? He isnt out at a bar drinking and he is taking his son with him?? So It isnt that bad !! Just sometimes I am like Ok this is enough the ducks are flying but Hey everyone has to have a get away from the realities of the real world !!!


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One response to “For the Love of….Ducks !!

  1. gotta love the hubbys! For my Husband his obsession is tractors and fixing things and tearing them apart and putting em back together. He is a contraption lover! I prob will never understand, just have learned to be happy for what they love. But hey they are good at what they do and they are good hubbys! Their hobbies could be a lot worse! Amen to that!

    & Wyatt you are sooooooo cute :)

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