10 months.

( Morgie-Girl)

Ten months old in two days…and I am like how does the time fly off so fast…?? To the same routines and busy schedules…!!! You are a handful I thought your brother was busy but he has nothing on you !! Ripping through this house stalking me down is what you love to do !! You are quick to learn and talking is who your are you def have your sister beat I am like look 0ut world !!! You say : Bubba, Mama, Ruff, and MMMMMMM !!! All the time..You love food especially !! Little tiny golfish are you favorites to munch on !! You crawl and are into everything the trash is always kept off the ground !! and dont leave anything on the ground it will be in your mouth…From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed you are a BusyGirl !!! You keep me on my toes for sure !! You bring me happiness like no other !! And your face will calm a stormy day for sure !! I love you long time !! And thank goodness you are the last !!!


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  1. OH MY GOODNESS STOP GROWING!!!! she is soooooooo precious!!! & yes she loves them fish, she introduced the lillie to them and now we get them and she loves em!

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