apple hill {2010}

I am such a person of tradition. This year was different we usually go up to Chico to cut our tree but do to the snow we couldnt get in there..So we headed up to Apple Hill. It was such a wonderful day with my childrens and my love. So we headed up there not really knowing how it was going to be !! We had to first stop to get Apple Juice and Apple Pie they were delicious and fresh apple donut !! ooh my goodness !! We got some stuff and headed looking for a place to cut our Christmas tree. Brandon was like hey just pick somewhere I was like No you !! So this is where he stopped and good decision…So we looked for quit a while just because we usually get a Silver Tip but this year Natalie got to pick a tree out and she doesnt like those so I was having a hard time (its the control freak in me) but does that stuff really matter no I just want my kids to have a great time !! So she finally found one !! and she is beautiful !! So the Cutter came and cut it down went and paid and we even got a free train ride !! How awesome was that !! The kids were so excited !! Santa wasnt so happy but ooh well !! Morgan was like her face just said it all !!! Then we took off headed down the hill and I was like Folsom Outlets Lets go I havent been there for a long time and they have a Stride Rite store there and Morgan has graduated from the beginners to the crawlers I love shoes and I am making my kids loves shoes because Nat got two pair and Wyatt got a pair and Morgan got a pair..I love shopping !!! So then after that venture Bran was like we gotta eat and he is always hurassing me about Hooters So I was like Lets Go !!! So we went there and ate..It was actually good food !! That was our Sunday together and it was wonderful !!!


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  1. ErinMarron

    That sounds like a PERFECT day! Sorry we couldn’t make it with you guys, especially come to find out you went to HOOTERS!! yum!

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