family and traditions….and randomness….and thankfullness…

These are just some of my Thanksgiving it was nice.

I am trying to get my little hair business going so I am alwasy coming out with something new and something for everyone. So the night before I was creating away. These are just two I have 6 new ones..I will post them on my Etsy soon.

But my beautiful sisters were my models and I am so thankful for that. They were born posers especially ErinLeeMarron…But Dana is a true natural. We were just rushing to try to get it all in.

That is what is hard when you have a big family and many place to go. There is just not enough time. But yesterday was nice. We ate ate ate.And it was delicous. My moms food trully takes me back to when I was growing up. And conforts me. I love my family. They are close to my heart. And the laughter and jokes make me feel happy.

I didnt grow up much with traditions but I am a traditional person very much. It makes me happy. It is the control freak in my I guess. But last year we did Bingo. And it was a tradition we started and will keep on going. ( Bingo reminds me of my Grandma and her house.) But it was fun we played nine games. And if you won a prize you could pick someones elses or a new one. That was fun !! I love the laughter and I love the contenment I feel when I am around my family.


I am thankful for my health and my familys health.

I am thankful for laughter.

I am thankful for a roof over my head. And a warm place to sleep.

I am thankful for Coca-Cola !!!

I am thankful for the freedom we live in to worship the God we want.

I am thankful peace in my heart.

I am thankful for forgiveness.

I am thankful for life.

I think when you get older you become aware real fast about how fast life comes and goes. And to never take for granted the breaths we breath…And the little things to let them go and alwasy to remember what the most important things are to you in life…Whatever that may be…..

I am already planning my new years resolutions 2011…..

I cant believe this year of 2010 is almost over…so much in this year has happened..!!

Until next time stop and enjoy the little moments in your life….




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2 responses to “family and traditions….and randomness….and thankfullness…

  1. Amber Christian

    I am so thankful for Coca Cola too. Well Diet Coke :)

  2. you are blessed! bingo sounds fun! Erin and Dana you two, WOW hot mamas ;) love the headbands and I want the aprons for the girls :)
    keep blogging :)
    xoxo ~ love sam sam

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