My son..he is my everything boy…he is my photography assistant..my housecleaning assistant..my helping take care of Morgan assistant..never complains or whines about his assistant jobs duties he just does them…!!!

And when I saw this picture it totally reminded me of how blessed I am to have him….He is tender hearted caring timid at times..honry at times…he loves everyone…he is laughter at best…and he is brave in life….

November has always been a month for me to reflect and know how thankful I trully am…Because in a split second it can all change..And Wyatt is always a constant reminder of that because he is like mom get off the computer when i trying to work on whatever..mom lets go take a walk..mom lets go to the penny candy shop..and he never forgets about it either… And then I come to realize real fast what is and alwasy will be the most important in my life and cherish and hold on to that…Because time flies away and you never get that back….!!! I am always saying that because it is always in my mind because when i look at my childrens i am like how can nat be 11 and wyatt be 7 and how can morgie be 8 months old…!!!!

Until next time…


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  1. Wyatt has a beautiful heart and you should feel good to know that you are raising a lil boy into a man that will make wonderful husband!

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