little bones.


Every since we got Olie Baba I speak in dog language !!!

But I have just been strewing in my head just about a lot of things but mostly about the little moments in my life that i come to believe I dont ever want to forget. Life gets to busy running here and there chasing dreams that lately I whip the video camera out grab my camera a realize this is what its alot about.

NatLee and that Dog I am scared when she has kids because she is as controlling over that dog and i am over my kids. She doesnt let Wyatt barely touch him and as soon as he gets in the car she says, Wheres my baby at? (He rides in the car to pick up the kids). She loves that dog and that makes me happy she wanted a dog for so long and now I see it has really changed her with taking him out watching him not to chew up something. She is happy !!

Wyatt and his drawing working playing whatever it is he is just like me busy busy busy. There is not a moment his brain in not running. He is my sidekick always going mom what are you doing ? He is my brainiac boy. He is alot like me. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to let you know when he is not happy. I like that.

Morgie there are no words our days are long. But very remembersome. She is well life is alot about her. She loves you to be in her face tickling her talking to her doing whatever to keep her busy. She is the little Wyatt baby. And I am kind of like ok hows is this going to be in like two months when she is really mobile. She is busygirl. Her laughter is my happiness when life is getting me down.

They are my inpiration in my things. They keep me going. I am the example. That is sometimes a hard little bone for me. Because I am like do I let them see me kind of broken down when life is hard or do like my mother did and show nothing. I dont want to do that because I want them to know there is going to be defeats but dont ever stop you from believing in your dreams. And when they get older and start really dreaming: there is nothing you can not do EVER !! (Dreams are in your heart for a reason, God puts them into your heart for a purpose)

The other night I couldnt sleep and Brandon was laying there I was rambling on talking about lifes drama. And he was talking about work Saying when when when And I always tell him, “Be still in the Lord.” Because if we shut up we can hear him. Patience has never been my virtue I am working on it.

And when I pray and things are not going my way, for reason I have no control over,

I say, “God Just Throw Me a Little Bone.”? to show me keep going.

Until next time. Remember to cherish the little bones in your life.

(had to throw this one..loves it… this dog loves sitting in there biting Morgie Ankles. )

(she is a swigger from way back.)


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