when the cows come home..

Everyday I take my kids to school to Sutter and I love the scene…It to me is peace to see it all I never get tired of it.Because it is forever changing…To each season the Buttes change, the rice, the alfalfa, and the animals. They rotate them around from field to field. It is so cool..I am always like I need to have my camera right now with me..I love to watch all the babies in the fields..Baby sheep and baby cows they are adorbs !!! So on this day I stopped to take some pictures of the baby cows. I love how they look at you like What are you ?? The mom is like stay away from my baby… I am just snapping away..I never can get enough of the animal pictures !!!!

I hate to analyze this but it is often a metaphor for life…it is ever day changing weither we like it or not…Nothing is forever…Sometimes to spots you are in at the time seem like its never going to change but it will…And when you look back you think it wasnt that bad but when you were in it it was forever…

Different seasons for different reasons !!!

Have a great day always…


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