the greatest gift i have been given. (bringing back old school)

this was the only two chidren i had almost three years ago…  this is the oldest album on my external hard drive off me and my kids… and i look at those pictures and look how much i have changes other that less pounds. now with having three life is alot more complicated.. and i find myself at a short end of a fuse..and i am not like that, at least with the my most prcecious gifts. But all the time when i am watching them i come to realize that these are really the most precious time in my life and in theirs. Nat is already 11 years old and i think back where has the time flown off our lifes..the hustle and bustle and doing things that really dont is my childrens life that are so very important..because there is no redos as a parent..and I feel a sense of ergency….to slow it down and focus more…. to exit the trash in my life….being a mother was never in my cards of life….but the day i had natalie i knew that my life was not my own…and was the happiest day of my life…my kids bring me down to reality of really what is important..they are my realist in life…they make me laugh..they are witty…and they also make me cry when moments happen that make me go, “Yeah I did that…” Moments of proudness that only as a mother you feel…Its not about the down time that is really hard sometimes…its about what you do with the hardest times that your children are looking to you as their role model and guidance…There is no other than you…I take my job very seriously…And often tell myself I am preparing them for the hardest things in life…To give them confidence, try to make the right decisions, choose right people to hang around, to make sure they know success is not just going to happen they have to work really hard at it…And that failure will happen it is what you do with it that makes you the person you are….I love them with all the life I have…We are a package deal as I always say..And that is the way it will always be…

I am so lucky…!!!



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2 responses to “the greatest gift i have been given. (bringing back old school)

  1. well said nicole!!! :) your kiddos know you love them!

  2. sam

    i love this post! & Nat is getting so big but oh so beautiful, talented, smart such the lil lady! I remember seeing her for the first time she was turning 3 that year! & wyatt oh i loved to hold him! & now look @ your lil morgie she is a DOLL!!! You are truly blessed!!!! and lil has those leg warmers Gotta love target!!! :) got light pink too they are so cute on them!

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