random nonsense.

ok so. i have been thinking about doing this for the last couple weeks. about two years ago i did the Project 365 (2008). That trully was one of the hardest years of my entire life. And when I look back at those photos alot of emotion hits me. But then I always believe it all happens for a reason.

So getting back.. I take hundreds of photos a month and decided that I would do a POTD thing. Just because photos to me evoke many emotions looking at them..I come to recall how I felt, how the kids were..how my marriage was, the struggles i was facing…and the happiness in my life..i think that is why I love photography because that photograph takes you back to that moment. So I got this calendar from Designer Digitals website. I love it. Just place your picture and your are on your way. So I really push doing this. It is awesome to watch the evolution of your kids  and your life.

So I am such a bad blogger..I have alot of blabbering to be done, but for the last couple weeks life has been a “life sucker”. It is alot my fault. I get into these ruts.. I think alot of it is I get my feelings hurt and dont know how to deal with it..Because I am one not filter my emotion. So i just shut up. You can ask my husband..And i really want to change that because it really runs in my family and I dont want my kids to be this way.

That is where forgiveness plays a big part. I am easily to forgive, just dealing with the emotion is really hard for me. Very few people get to see the reality of me…


That very word is what really who I am.

I believe loayality is one of the most important characteristics of a person.

(Well I have locked myself in this bathroom this has been one long week my Snooks has been sick for the first time in her 8 months of living) Those were the longest three days of my life. Sleep is heaven to me. But I have to much to do and I know it will eventually get done.

Its been the pleasure of my life… that is my new saying…..

November is one of the months to really reflect on Thankfullness….

I am thankful for today and everyday for the gift of ” Forgiveness” because there has been a relationship in my life that has some struggle in it on and off..But we make it through and i am thankful for her….!!! And without forgiveness I would not have this relationship in my life…And I cherish it..

Keep Laughing….


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