This has been a long time waiting for my NatLee. She has wanted a little dog for so long and I have been so skeptical. Brandon kept on pushing but I just felt like the time wasnt right and I knew that when the right dog, timing was right it would be. We have been looking for a long time Nat wanted a pomeranian Brandon wanted a mini-schnauzer…And I really didnt care as long as it was cute and in five years it would still be cute. Well on Saturday after our family pictures we were looking at the paper called on one that didnt work out then we went on the SacBee saw this ad for mini-schnauzers I called it, it was in Marysville we went to just check them out and we fell in love with him.  We went and picked him up yesterday on Halloween, he needed his first hair cut. Ooh my Goodness he is the most adorable poopie I know. He just has this personality that is just studly !!! When the kids brought him home they were all ready his bed his collar, his toys. They were so excited !!! Its only been a day but I feel that this was meant to be. He is just loved. He is riding in the car with me to pick up the kids. He goes right to the door to go bathroom. He is just adorableness !!! I call him “Ollie” for short. !! He is just another piece to this Prather Family !!!



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2 responses to “Oliver.

  1. sam

    this is the cutest dog!!! OH MY!!! hal has been wanting a lil dog too did they have anymore? I want him! And Oliver “ollie” is my moms Lasaopso dogs name. Oh nat i love him!

  2. sam

    we needed him for the family pic!

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