she is the fourth lover of my life.

she is the most beautifullest baby girl I know.

she is known as the snooks.

she has this smile that makes all the days worries melt away.

she is spoiled rotten.

she stalks me when she sits in her high chair watching me.

she eats three meals a day.

she loves food.

she thinks if you eating it , she should have some too.

she loves her daddy so.

she is a very nosy girl.

she gets this serious look on her face when you come towards her with food.

she loves the doggies.

she loves outside.

she loves to sit with me on the porch swing at the night.

she believes that sleep is over rated.

she is in love with wyatt.

she poops once a day. thank goodness.

she loves her sippy cup with water in it.

she is a one handed swiger.

she doesnt care about the tv.

she gets around this house like nobodys business.

she is a busy girl.

she is very smart.

she has this laugh that makes me have the biggest grin on my face.

she is adored by us.

she loves music.

she is heaven sent.




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2 responses to “she.

  1. This is cute! And you etsy looks great! I like your header a lot!!!

  2. sam

    sooooo cute LOVE her in front of the door :) and that smile :) cant wait to see her sat!

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