{high maintenance}

From the day you were born you have been a high maintenance boy. You were ten days late and didnt want to come on the 4th of July either. When I watch home videos I am often reminded of how high drama you are. You are a constant reminder when I look at Morgan because she is just like you. She thinks the world is about her and you are seven thinking the world is all about you. Thank goodness Morgie was a girl because competition wouldnt be fun around this Prather house !! You are my constant wherever I go from the moment you get out of school until you go to bed. And lately you are in need of a bedtime story..I get tired thinking of them and I am about to fall asleep. But I wouldnt want it any other way. I often think about you when you are grown up and I am often talking about adult life with you because you often think you are one. Asking me to drive to school and really meaning it. And at this moment you are going to be a NASCAR driver !! You actually have like seven different jobs you are going to do when you are grown up !! You are an adventure boy and cant wait to live your life out !! And I am not actually scared I am excited because I feel like I look at you and try to equipe you with life values and lessons that will forever stay with you. To know and love Jesus, love and respect women, and to laugh as often as you can !!! I love you my son !! There will be no other like you, you are very special to my heart !!! Stubborn and all !!!


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