the best thing that ever happened to me was them. my loves works to hard we barely get to see him i feel sometimes like a single parent, but i know it hopefully will soon change. so when we get to sit down together and eat it is trully a blessing. and when we pray it is funny i like to pray but natalie likes to pray she is short and sweet to the point. “thank you Jesus for this food and bless it and nourish to our body amen.” she is a hungry girl. but when she was done brandon said i want to pray also. but he said what was in my heart “thank you jesus for letting me be with my children and wife and enjoy our dinner together.” that is sometimes hard for me. because i miss him alot he and God are the only ones on this earth that know what really goes on. and thats ok. but i am so very thankful for the time we get to be together. this weekend was so very awesome the whole weekend to just be together. just us. and it felt good. because that trully is what is most important and always will be.

Our kids are funny. they have their little personalities as you can see in the pictures. wyatt will always be a lover like his daddy. he is emotional.and natalie is very slow to emotion she loves him very much. and morgie just takes it all in wondering what is going on, she will soon be in the mix she is scooting everywhere. !! they are trully my lifes greatest blessings !!!


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