A New Adventure.


For the last couple months it has been in my heart to start an Etsy account. So this morning I was like I have nothing to loose and much to gain. So here I am with my first piece. I love to create things. It doesn’t matter what it is I will make it my own. I love things that I have created. My daughter is very much like me, a creator. I am very excited. I have many ideas in this brain it is just getting the time. But I will do it. Because this is very much in my heart !!! If you are interested in any of my pieces email me !! There is many more things coming not just hair blings !!!



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2 responses to “A New Adventure.

  1. Congrats! Etsy is a ton of fun and a wonderful community. Good luck, and welcome!

  2. this is great Nicole! If you have a drive to do something or your heart is telling you to do it, then do!
    you should do the burp rags :) id be the first to purchase those! Or those signs you made that year at the craft fair the x-mas ones those would be cool too! keep up the good work! Cant wait to see all your creations! xoxo
    ~ sam

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