17 and a half pounds. 7 months old.

7 months old. Everyday she is learning new things. I try to write down the things that she does so I dont forget like for a couple weeks she was making farting sounds, and now she isn’t. She has four teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom.She loves her vegetables. I am thankful for that. Sweet potatoes is her favorite. She loves her babas for sure. She goes by the name “Snook” and will turn her head when you call her. I call her “SnookySnacks”. She loves her bubbas and her sissy girl, Wyatt and Natalie. She has much of Wyatts personality more serious than not. She Loves her P-Diddy !! She is very much knowing what makes her happy and what makes her mad and she will let you know, when I put her down and she doesnt want to she will cry. Sleep is sparce for the day with her. Her sleeping pattern is not much during the day and will go to bed at 7 and wake up at 6. Boy am I pooped the days are long. She loves the doggies and when they come by her she makes this face becaus she knows she is going to get licked. She loves to be outside. And we often sit on the porch swing just me and her at night to relax. She loves water, and when you are drinking it she wants some to. She gets all excited after she eats when she sees her sippy cup. She makes these funny faces that are hard to forget especially when she is concentrating really hard. She loves her space with her blanket to go to bed. I love her. She is the most precious girl. She would be knows as my twin with her eyes and the dark hair and round head. She  loves church especially the music and she loves when I sing to her she gets all excited. !! She does the superman on the ground and can scoot around on her belly. Not long and she will be tearing up the house crawling !!!


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