Tinkerbell… (more to come)

Brandon calls her Stinkerbell…

Our kids this year are going to be Wendy, PeterPan, and Tinkerbell..I have more pictures to come but had to show this one. She is a funny baby. Spoiled to say the least.And she looks at Brandon likes he is the king. He loves that. She gets all excited when she sees her costume, something to eat she thinks. She is very much like Wyatt as a baby. Very high maintenance. It was funny the other day Wyatt says to me, “Mom, Morgie thinks the world is all about her.” And I said, “Yes she does, but everyone in this Prather household thinks that life is all about them”. Snooks she is the most beautifullest !!! I think she makes the cutest Stinkerbell !!


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  1. cute! I love it and she is a cute tink! cant wait to see wendy and peter :) I AM LOVING FALL!!!

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