32 things.

1.i am very goal-oriented.

2. i let others hurt my feeling easily.

3. the best thing i will have ever dont was marry my husband.

4. i love my children more than life itself.

5. sometimes i wonder if laundry and housework will ever end?

6.the greatest times are when my family is all together away from reality.

7.photography is my passion.

8. i love the fall.

9. i love the pumpkin patch and the smell right when you walk in.

10. i love when morgie first wakes up and she sees my face and has this big grin, and all the world is perfect for that little second.

11. i love it when i feel i have accomplished something big that i thought couldnt happen.

12. i am a living example to my children and every minute of the day it literally weighs on my mind.

13. i love jesus.

14.i am glad to have another day to try to wrinkle out the imperfections in my life. try again. is what i say to myself.

15. i am going through 5 grade for the second time and it is alot harder this time than the first.

16. i love laughter and the way it makes me feel after i almost pee my pants.

17. i love my sons face he is so handsome.

18.i cant wait for this week to be over so i can resume to my life and not be so stressed about my marathon.

19.forgiveness and all that intails.

20.the power of you words are to be the strongest emotions. they always get the best of me.

21. i am a work in progress self help books are my friend. a hot bath and i almost done with the battefield of the mind.

22. i am now ready to begin the love dare. we will see how that turns out.

23. i am mentally exhausted by life.

24. i am a perfectionist by heart.

25. sometimes i just need to shut my mouth. and often say why did i say that.

26. there are two things you dont talk about with me and that is my husband and my kids. they are my fighting words.

27. i am trying to take it all in. because everday my daughter walks out to the car from school. i get a little sad because i watch her growing into this little lady and i get scared of the world and what is out there. and i want to protect her.

28. people may think i am tough but i am not i put a good front on.

29. i love creating things.

30. i love when i tell myself you will do this and i do it. because in my mind i thougt i couldnt.

31. share in the love not the hate.

32. i am proud of who i am.

32. right now something is going on inside of me. a change is taking place. and sometimes i am scared. but i know i will be ok.


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One response to “32 things.

  1. Beautiful as always! you really are good with writing down your thoughts! I would say this is another passion for you! I wish nothing but the best for you and your beautiful family! & no matter WHAT life throws you, you are strong willed, like Brandon said you can do anything!
    & I wish you the best at your marathon! Just getting out there and starting, your a winner!
    xoxo love sam

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