can we all live by this motto? this world would be a much better place  to be. my sister gave nat this shirt and it is her favorite..all the johnny cupcakes shirt are her favorite… but lately i have been trying to live by this motto…i am officially 16 days into hard core getting ready for my marathon..the nerves are about to do me in..and a cupcake right now would take the edge off. and that is exactly what i need… the last two weeks have been much of emotions with my family (immediately) mostly..and that things are changing inside of me .. i think we all come to certain bridges in our lifes. i dont and cant explain it but ..change is happening and i am costantly reviewing i feel about my life others and decisions and words that i say to myself and others..because as i read “the battefield of the mind” i am forever thinking about the words and how my internal dialogue reads.. because change is inevetable that is how i believe we grow are in the times that are the most harsh in our lifes…and I think God makes it that way for reasons… I am faced alot of constant review because of our they feel and speak are a constant reflection of me as a parent…and i watch my kids grow through life and the things they are faced with and one thing is for sure I want them to have a relationship with Jesus know him and know the bible..because no matter what happens we may stray from what we know to be right but it is always in there you cant run from it.. To many thoughts to run in this head !! but that is ok..that is how i am wired..that is me Nicole Prather…sometimes brutually honest…sometimes emotional..sometimes mean….sometimes just done with things….but I will go on…no matter what…and I think that is what gets me through…Brandon told me the other night…when we were talking about the marathon..and he said..”you have a very strong will and you will make it.” and then i am a little bit settled in my heart… that makes me feel good inside to know that is how he looks at me …because there are some days i feel like broke down…and i dont like that feeling…but I will leave you with a bible scripture..One of my goals is to finish the bible in a year..we will see…

Psalms 37.7-9

Be Patient and trust the Lord. Dont let it bother you when all goes well for those who do sinful things. Don’t be angry or furious. Anger can lead to sin. All sinners will disappear, but if you trust the Lord, the land will be yours.

Until next time…Think about your goals..That is one thing that has been on my heart lately..Setting goals and making them happen…  !!! And you will !!!


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  1. I love you my friend! I wish I had your will. I am so proud of you. I can not wait to hear the details of your race.

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