cowboy up…

About two weeks ago..we were garage saling in Roseville. And we came across these very used cowboy boots well Wyatt wanted them..They are like three sizes too big but we got them anyways just for play. They were a Dollar !! So he immediately put them on at my sisters house…And Uncle Mizzle let him wear them to the store..I am thinking this kid..He has asked me for a pair of boots a month ago but I was thinking they are alot of money to only wear once. So the next day he wakes up to go to church and is wearing them.. Now I am thinking ok he is serious about these boots. So Brandon bought him a pair in Roseville. When Wyatt saw those boots, he was so stoked !! He loves these boots and wears them and tells me these are just like the pair my Daddy has.. Which Brandon calls his “roach stompers”.. The hat he wears is Brandons and the belt..He loves his Daddy if you cant tell !! Unforgettable !! He is one handsome little man. !!! I love him !!


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  1. NICOLE! these pictures of wyatt are sooo cute!!! He looks like a lil Lane Frost!!! Great Job on being a Loving mommy to such a cute lil man!!

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