The last couple weeks I have madly cleaning this house, getting ready for my moms garage sale. We had it last week. I did good !!! but anyways when I was cleaning out my closet I came across these. The pair of running shoes that took me to where I am now. And I started thinking about how far I have came from a couple years ago. So much has changed in my life. But when I think and looked at the shoes ( that I literally ran off the tread from) how much I was motivated to “go big” or “go home” attitude. Because how easy it is to become that fat, well it was as hard to shed those lbs. And it got me motivated to my next new beginning and goals in my life. Because I believe it is one big circle. I have always said to myself,  ” you must be bigger than it.” and that it has alwasy been whatever keeps you in the state you are in, of being fat. A slump occurrs for me it is I always take a back seat to the biggest pictures in my life. my kids and my husband. and especially with Morgie it is hard because she is a constant busy-keeper. But I try to move forward with my goals and know they are there for a reason. I wont let the crap around me bring me down. Preying has helped alot with that. And trusting the Lord for support.


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  1. Praying and having faith is the most important things you can to do bring positive things into your life!!! :)

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