one of my favorite people in this world. (part 1)



I decided to do a couple blogs on some of my favorite people and of course my lover would be my first !!

Well next month I will have known him 12 years..depending on when you ask me, some of those years the best in my life, some the hardest in my life !!!

But he is and will always be the “great love of my life” without a doubt.

I met him in a bar…first nicole no no.

he was younger than me. another nicole no no.

but something happened. well he blew me a kiss the first night I met him. and I thought, “what is this guy thinking?”

I didnt know at first he was the “lover of my life”, just because I am very resistant to “love”. I think it runs in my family !!! But I would say fate would make us together forever. There is one thing I trully believe in and that is “your destiny” I have come to believe: things that happen are meant to be. good of bad. that for me is sometimes hard to except. but I do it. out of faith.

Many many ups and downs I think have shown me alot about myslef. That I want to quit. But he wont let me. We are trully married today because of my husband. (that is the god honest truth). He is not a quitter. He never gives up and has forever instilled that in our childrens. Because He always tells them “you are better that everyone. dont ever forget that.”

He is so many words to me.

The most handsomest man I will ever know. Faithfull to me. Loving. Emotional. Giving.Honest. Trusting.Sometimes Patient. Serious. Hardworker. Great father.

He is my secret-keeper. I have told him all my secrets. Things that have happend that I am ashamed of doing. Things that I thought would forever go unspoken. And he loves me just the same. I think that is one of the most greatest things about him  is he will alwasy understand. Even if he doenst want to, he does it because that is what you do when you love someone, you find it in your heart to forgive, understand and go on. Though sometimes hard you do it.

And I would have said I knew what love was. But after all these years I know what love is. Because it is not perfect. by any means. It is real. It is you are going to say things that hurt you are going to cry you are going to get mad. But that is what makes your marriage strong. Because perfection doesnt exist. I had to learn that the really hard way, when we were first married. And it is hard. To expect. But love is not easy. I alwasy tell the childrens that. But it is the most greatest feelings you will ever know in your life.

It has brought me the greatest joy to my life.

And after all this time. I am still madly in love with him. I wait for him to come home everyday. And when he walks through that door, it is a sigh of relief.  And when we are just laying there we can still stay up to two o clock in the morning laughing talking about things. And I fall in love with him all over again.

He has always had this hold on me. I cant describe it. Because there is just no words.

And the greatest things that have ever happened to me is because of him !!

Have a great Sunday. Enjoy !!

( Tomorrow school is starting. ) ( And a new journey will start for this Prather Family)



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2 responses to “one of my favorite people in this world. (part 1)

  1. This is beautiful Nicole! Very honest, real, loving, beautiful! Congrats on 12 years, and many more amazing years to come! Happy Sunday to you and your beautiful family! xoxo

  2. If it ain’t worth working for and fighting for then it aint worth it! Your have showed that yours is!! what a blessing to find! :) even if it is acroos the room of a bar with a wierdo blowing you a kiss ;)

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