farm fresh…

a little over a year ago me and my husband got this crazy idea to get chickens for Natalie and Wyatt to show for 4-H. At the time I had NO expectations of what these little bantams would do !!! But I can say I am addicted to “farm fresh eggs” . If you have ever had fresh eggs you will never go back to buying them from the store. They are so different: the yolks are way brighter, the taste is like a real egg taste. I never really realized until two weeks ago we took our chickens to the fair and were barely getting eggs so I had to buy from the store..And it was so weird how the store chicken eggs had no taste to me…But yesterday Natalie came inside with 9 eggs !! That was the most we have ever gotten !! They are relatively small because they are bantams not a big chicken, but they are delicous !! Besides the excellent eggs they are our pets and we love them !!

If you ever get a chance or get some crazy idea to start a chicken project do it !! You wont regret it and you kids will have so much fun !!


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  1. have never tried fresh eggs! bring me breakfast lady ;)

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