5 months.

where is the time flying off to ?? i always say..morgie is now 5 months old today !! and weighing it at 16.2 pounds !! she is a chunky girl !!! she is rolling over and can move her body around to see something. I think crawling is not very far away !! she is nosy rosy and has to be in all the action around this house !!! she is now is full spoiled rotten mode !! She love her bottle !!! She is still a spit up girl for sure, and it drives me to insanity !!! I dont know what to do ?? She love Nat and Wyatt and when she sees them she gets really excited !!! She loves to be outside and when she is really tired and fighting sleep i just take her outside and she goes right to sleep !! She loves the water!! She sees the pool and knows what it is !! and baths every night for this chicky !! it is relaxing and she smells delicous when she gets out !! Her laughs comes deep within and she smiles with her whole face !! Her eyes are a deep blue!! and she is much of an inspector of people she has to totally check you out to know if she likes you !!! she loves me !! and watches me around the house and when someone else is holding her she stalks me out !!! I love her!!


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  1. i know where is the time going! She is adorable!!! I love this one too!!! look at that face. I really want to do there pic together maybe when Lillie is sitting up?

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