baby on my hip.

Seems these days this is the picture of what my life is right now and probably will continue until who knows  when !!! Morgie she is the definitely the “baby on the hip baby”, nosy rosy is what I call her. She wants to know what is going on at all times and loves Nat or Wyatt or me to constantly be talking or looking at her..I would say Morgan, Wyatt, and Brandon feel life should revolve around them at all times. All my baby rememberings from Wyatt “the most high maintenance child” are coming back to me. And she might have him beat at this early age !!! Some days it is hard because I do want to get things done around here and it only happens when she is taking her nap. A bath at night is much needed for me to stay focused on all that has to be done to manage this mother-ship. A schedule def makes me for a happy camper. And for Morgan she is def a scheduled baby. I love her. And when I look at her she just brings me joy like no other. I can really describe it. I think it just she is my last born. And that is what I call her when I tell Brandon “come take care of your last born”.  No sadness here just because I spend alot of time with my kids, well all my time, I am the sole taker carer of them. And i am only one with two arms and one brain. My truest works alot of hours so I am here alone alot tending to them. And I want them to have enough time with me to feel very special. I feel like I accomplish that many times.!! The last couple months has taken much ajustement for our family, but we always work it out !! As for now “the baby on the hip is just another accessory to my camera to the face.” Until next time keep it real !!


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  1. love baby on hip! she is too cute :) & I totally know what you mean, I am always saying Justin come get your daughter hahahaaha lol! off to start my day, hope yours is great xoxo

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