and when i run…..

i feel a since of accomplishement within myself. a feeling of when i run all the world is away from me and it all doesnt matter…and when i run i feel very close with god..maybe my mind is just blank like when i am at church worshiping my Jesus…its like he knows what is going on in this crazy mind…and i love that…there is one person in this world that knows it innner most insecurities, my fears,and just loves me the same…and when i run it fees like my body is saying to me “yes” keep going dont let it all suck you up, dont let life run you down, dont let this big mountain in front you make you feel like you can not achieve this goal. and when i run i dont feel like a 33 year old women…and when i run i feel like i am doing this…something i thought at one time wasnt possible..and it feels like it all aligns up and it is not just about me running and running its about conquering what i thought wasnt possible…and when i run….i am a happier wife, mother, daughter, friend, and like myself more….and when i run i think about change….change that happens because i feel like there is nothing i can not do if i just keep positive…..because when i started this journey many years ago i could even walk a half a mile without dieing because i was just that fat…



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2 responses to “and when i run…..

  1. thanks for the comment on the pages ;) I am trying! & This is wonderful Nicole!!! What a great thing to do! & you are doing so good! Love this post the most and love your positive mind :) YOU GO GIRL!!!

  2. chelsea

    keep up the great work Nicole! its soo great to be a positive role model for your lil ones and this shows that you are trying!!!! :)

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